The sports group has a long history of advising Premiership and Championship football clubs, their owners, their Chairman and CEO’s, their banks, football players, media presenters, global sport businesses, sport investors, agents, and sports insurance brokers.

Financial Abuse in Sport

One of the most important issues affecting sport started two decades ago but is only now biting the sports men and women of today. It can involve fraud, fraudulent misrepresentations, theft, money laundering, breach of trust and, worst of all, the loss of all retirement assets. We refer to the abuse of those in sport by their financial advisors and their accomplices.

This is such a serious issue, which can be linked to HMRC demands for enormous tax repayments under APN’s, that life threatening welfare issues arise. Promised investments do the exact opposite of what was promised. Investments ultimately prove worthless and huge liabilities arise in their place. Sports men and women become victims of fraud. We represent those affected by such matters and provide an extensive range of solutions often involving litigation funding and litigation insurance.

Club Departures and Arrivals

When new owners arrive, changes happen from top to bottom of a Club. At one level, there may be a change of employees which requires careful planning to avoid costly disputes in an employment tribunal.

On another level a departing CEO or Chairman may have a £1m+ contract which is tempting to contest rather than pay based on alleged misrepresentations.

The termination of contracts with Brand Ambassadors can be tricky, particularly when they are active in the media and have retained a high profile from their playing career. Departing managers can involve both a regulatory breach and unlawful interferences with contracts. These are all issues we have resolved.

Business of Sport

This is a global arena where the rest of the world is a sports opportunity. We have helped businesses negotiate Host City Agreements around the world both at government and local levels. As such we have helped the process of moving the FIFA World Cup to South Africa and Brazil.


Whether in a Football League Tribunal or the High Court, we explore ways to mitigate risk, keep contingent liabilities off the balance sheet, and provide solutions under the radar.

One such solution paved the way for the Bobby Moore film “Bo66y” to be released in 2016. Where necessary, though, we will fight your cause to the bitter end with passion and integrity.

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